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Relocation Guide

Moving here

Just in case you are not quite convinced to relocate to Colorado Springs or Denver, read this and hopefully this is some help in the decision. If you still can’t make a decision read about telecommuting opportunities in Colorado Springs.

When you are moving to Colorado Springs, your first overnight stop might be your friends or relatives, however, if you need  a place to stay and you have pets with you, call any of these hotels.

Would you like to know about the schools here in Colorado Springs? Here are the accreditation s of each school district in Colorado.

Schools are important! Get to know El Paso County School Districts – we do have a Choice In Program which allows you to attend pretty much any school as long as there is space available.

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Colorado Springs Relcocation guideSpecial Needs Residents/ Family Members

Colorado Springs has many programs for special needs residents. If your family member is between 18 and 21 then then he or she might want to participate in the transition program. Looking to find a sports program, join our very active Special Olympics program, now starting at 2 years of age up to 99+. Also: 15+ Tips For Moving With A Special Needs Child

Looking for employment? This information is a great place to start and work your way forward from there!

Starting to really get into researching the area and looking deeper into your research? Then this primer is perfect for you.

Places to go

Colorado Springs has many local microbreweries, make your rounds and enjoy the local brews. There are many places where you can sit outside and relax in the sun, here are some of the westside patio restaurants and places we like. 

Since you are here, you might as well, just go and head up to Woodland Park. On your way through the Canyon on Hwy 24 you’ll pass Cascade and Green Mountain Falls, very small and typical Colorado towns.  A little story about Green Mountain Falls: When Waldo Canyon wildfire was raging, all electricity and gas lines were shut down. Residents were evacuated. Shortly the rotting food attracted many of the wildlife in the area, predominantly bears and mountain lions, who were raiding the freezers and refrigerators in Green Mountain Falls while humans were gone.

What's unique in Colorado Springs

Where do we start? Colorado Springs does everything in extremes: drought to flooding. It’s quite amazing. However, the most significant events were the recent wildfires have traumatized us – and made us stronger!

Our wildlife! Don’t be surprised to encounter wildlife all over town…be prepared for it as well.

Located at about 6,300 (+) feet new residents moving to Colorado, particularly from sealevel

The Great Outdoors

Outdoor activities, at almost any temperature are a way of life in Colorado. That includes, of course mountain biking. If you just arrived here in Colorado Springs, try out some of these easy (to moderate) hiking trails. Are you just visiting or are you just looking for a day trip around Pikes Peak? Take a pick from this list of activities.

If you can walk, you can snowshoe! That’s pretty awesome, right? This is even more fun, to know that we have many parks and state parks in Colorado Springs where you can do this! Feel like venturing outside town, then here are more parks to explore.

How about enjoying our expansive hut system, here is a trip that we made in the winter.


May 1st South Slope Recreation area will be open again to the public. This is only the third year it has been opened after it was privately owned for 100 years.s relocation guide Wildlife


Are you ready to enjoy everything that Colorado Springs has to offer? 2015 I decided it was time to share all the things you can do in Colorado Springs. I tried to collect as many as activities as possible here on this list – it really shouldn’t change too much even a couple years from now, except that there might be a few new activities and locations that will be added. This year, for example,Colorado Springs is excited to welcome Great Wolf Lodge to our community. Down the road the City of Champions and ‘our’ Olympic Museum will be completed and will offer many new locations to visit for travelers.

On the Summer Events list, a few dates here and there will be pushed around but it should all remain very similar.  We have many farmers markets that you can find throughout El Paso County!

Don’t miss the Parade of Homes here in Colorado Springs. Get inspired by visiting the new construction, luxury homes of custom builders here in El Paso County. There will be about 30 homes that will inspire you what your next home project or your next home purchase will be. Tickets are $10 per person or you can email me and I will reserve you 2 tickets – FREE.

You only have a fairly short window to climb Pikes Peak. It should be on your bucket list! It’s quite the accomplishment. The athletes in Colorado Springs like to take on the challenge of the “Pikes Peak Ascent” and/or the “Pikes Peak Marathon”. Hiking is not your thing? You can take the Cog train to get up the mountain, or you take your bike and pedal your way up it.


Fall and spring is an odd time for Coloradoans. We love the summer to enjoy so many outdoor activities and we love the winter to ski, snowboard, snowshoe and so on. Fall, just like spring, is a transition from one season to the next. However, there is excitement when the Aspens change their colors. The colors change in stages from high country to low country, making this a 6-8 week spectacle. Here are 8 different ways to enjoy this wonderful time of the year. Enjoy!


Colorado Springs offers so much especially during the holidays: Of course, outdoor fun, historical events,
performances, music….you get it, right?  Every holiday season 2016 2015  2013 I feel that I need to let everyone know what opportunity they have to experience Colorado Springs to its fullest during the month of December. However, these top 10 christmas activities are truly unique.   Make cutting your own Christmas Tree a family tradition!

Once the holiday season is over all attention is turned to the wonderful winter outdoor activity possibilities that are available in Colorado. Maybe you’d like to enjoy the backcountry via the 10th Mountain Division Hut system. Here is one. CHANGE OF

Once snow hits Colorado Springs, everyone is anxious to have the snow removed. The city has the plowing route very carefully planned out – but depending on how much snow they are dealing with it sometimes just takes awhile to get to secondary plow routes.

Living in Colorado [Springs]…

…means buying Colorado sourced gifts – weather it’s for friends going back “home” or for everyone during the holiday season.

….means getting into Colorado Woodland or Alpine decor. Don’t get me wrong, when people think of Colorado homes they still think of log homes and log cabin decorating, however, “these days” there is a great understanding of “woodsy-ness”, and it so inviting and warm without being kitschy.

….means dealing with lots of environmental challenges and what this could mean for your house.  No worries, you’ll always be amazed, but you’ll learn to live with it.

If you’d like to go exploring here are some resources for you to start planning an epic adventures: